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Hyvinkää Emergency Department

  • emergency services
  • Hyvinkää Hospital

The Emergency Clinic is open 24 hours a day and treats patients who have fallen ill abruptly and whose treatment cannot be postponed to the following day without endangering their health.

Before seeking treatment, call the Medical Helpline for urgent care at 116 117.

If you have already been referred to the emergency department, there is no need to call the Medical Helpline anymore.

Based on a nurse’s assessment of the need for treatment, the patient is directed to the appropriate place of care. Patients are treated in order of urgency.

In addition to emergency patients, the patients with a condition requiring urgent care are directed to specialist medical care. Some patients may be treated at a nurse's appointment, where nurses have the opportunity to consult a physician if necessary. If the condition does not require an emergency visit, the patient can be directed to their own health center or home.

The telephone helpline for urgent care gives advice in the following matters:

  • When you need an evaluation on the need for treatment and urgency
  • When you need advice and instructions for treatment at home
  • Instructs you to the correct place of treatment if necessary
  • If you have a back problem or some other musculoskeletal problem that started abruptly, you may be directly given an appointment to a physiotherapist who is specialized in your issue.

Do not call the helpline if:

  • You need prescriptions to be renewed
  • The issue is chronic, long-lasting, and it has not suddenly become worse
  • The situation is a life-threatening emergency

In a non-urgent situation, please contact your local health center or another service provider you have chosen.

In an emergency – call 112

When you know or suspect that a patient's life or health is seriously at risk, e.g.

  • severe chest pain
  • difficulty breathing
  • loss of consciousness
  • paralysis
  • convulsions

act quickly and call 112 immediately for assistance and instructions.

Seeking urgent treatment

In the event of an urgent situation, where a patient is not in immediate life-threatening danger, but the situation requires treatment during the same day (e.g. abdominal pain, minor injuries and contusions, sudden decrease in general condition).

Contact your health center's urgent care during opening hours. At other times, call the Medical Helpline at 116 117 (toll-free).

Pediatric Emergency Department

In connection with the Hyvinkää Hospital Emergency Clinic, there is a separate emergency service for children, where children are cared for by nurses who are familiar with pediatric diseases. The Pediatric Emergency Department has its own separate entrance. The pediatric nurse's reception operates on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. If necessary, emergency monitoring is carried out in the Pediatric Emergency Department facilities. After the emergency visit, the necessary further treatment will take place on the Pediatric Inpatient Ward at Hyvinkää Hospital or at New Children's Hospital in Helsinki.

Gynecological and Obstetric Emergency Clinic

The Gynecological and Obstetric Emergency Clinic at Hyvinkää Hospital operates as a separate unit in the gynecological unit on the hospital's 2nd floor. (link: Gynecological and Obstetric Emergency Clinic)

Estimated duration of an emergency department visit

At the hospital emergency clinic, we always assess the need and urgency for treatment first. Based on this, you will be referred to a nurse or physician. Patients are treated in the order of urgency, not in the order of arrival. Because of this, a patient who has arrived after you may be admitted for treatment before you.


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