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HyNu Mood Disorder Outpatient Clinic

  • psychiatry
  • Hyvinkää
  • Hyvinkää Hospital

Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Hyvinkää Hospital, 2nd floor
Sairaalakatu 1

Postal address

P.O. Box 585
00029 HUS

The HyNu Mood Disorder Outpatient Clinic is an examination, treatment, and rehabilitation unit for the outpatient care of mood disorders.

The JMT and HyNu Mood Disorder Outpatient Clinics are examination, treatment, and rehabilitation units for the outpatient care of mood disorders.

To receive treatment at our outpatient clinics, you need a physician's referral; we do not have an emergency clinic.

Our operations include examinations, treatment, and assessment of rehabilitation opportunities. Our treatment forms include individual, family, and group therapies as well as pharmacotherapy.
Your treatment is free of charge for you, but pursuant to the Act and Decree on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare, we will charge a fee for any medical certificates issued. We will charge a penalty fee in accordance with HUS guidelines for any uncancelled no-show appointment.