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Hand Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Hyvinkää Hospital

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In the outpatient clinic for hand surgery at Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat injuries and diseases in the wrist and hand area.

The most common accidents are fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, sprains, cuts, and nerve injuries.  In urgent cases, the patient is admitted for treatment through the emergency department.

At the appointment clinic, we treat, among other things, degenerative changes in joints, stress-related ailments, upper limb tumors, and nerve entrapments in the hand area. You will arrive at the appointment clinic on the basis of a physician's referral, based on which the hand surgeon will assess the urgency of treatment. We utilize X-ray, ultrasound and MRI imaging as well as computed tomography and neural pathway tractography. You may be prescribed these examinations even before your appointment with the physician. Rehabilitation provided by a physiotherapist and occupational therapist is also used as part of the treatment.

In most cases, you can wait for hand surgery at home. You will arrive at the hospital through the LEIKO Unit on the agreed surgery date. Most surgeries are ambulatory surgeries, so you will be able to go home on the same day. We also perform small procedures in the outpatient clinic under local anesthesia (POKI = outpatient surgery).


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