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Gynecology and Obstetrics Inpatient Ward 2, Hyvinkää Hospital

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In the Gynecology and Obstetrics Inpatient Ward at Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat gynecological patients, pregnant patients, and postpartum families.

The Gynecology and Obstetrics Inpatient Ward has 20 patient beds where we treat gynecological patients, pregnant patients, and postpartum families. Our small and cozy ward provides a warm and peaceful place for the postpartum time, for getting to know the new family member, as well as for gynecological patients. In addition to midwives, there are also registered nurses and pediatric practical nurses working on our ward.

The ward has activities in two different locations. On the family room ward on the first floor, we treat women who have given birth and have experienced no complications. On the Maternity Ward on the second floor, we treat postpartum women whose treatment may have included something abnormal, such as a cesarean section or more profuse bleeding.

On our cozy Maternity Ward, we mainly have single rooms that can be converted into family rooms. In a family room, both the mother and the support person will be invoiced for the fee of the treatment days. The treatment of gynecological patients and pregnant women has been centered on the second floor.

In our operations, we follow WHO and UNICEF’s Baby-Friendly Initiative. Our hospital received the Baby-Friendly Hospital certificate in 2015.

We want to focus especially on the success of breastfeeding. Our hospital follows the VVM (Vanhemmat Vahvasti Mukaan) operating model where we engage parents in tight collaboration. This means, for example, that we do not want to separate the newborn and parents from each other.

If the baby needs treatment on the Pediatric Ward, we will care for the family in accordance with the Couplet Care Model, meaning the baby and parent will not be separated from each other even if the baby is taken to the Pediatric Ward. In this case, if the mother is feeling well, she will move with the baby to the Pediatric Ward and we will handle her postpartum care on the Pediatric Ward. However, if the mother’s situation requires a period of care on the Maternity Ward after childbirth, for example, following a surgical procedure, the other parent may stay with the baby 24/7 on the Pediatric Ward.

After giving birth, the women stay on average two days on our ward. Giving birth by cesarean section may slightly prolong the hospital stay. Women who have previously given birth, have the option to be discharged from the hospital within 6–24 hours after giving birth. In such cases, a follow-up appointment at the hospital is scheduled in 3–5 days.

All women who have given birth have the option to be discharged within 24–36 hours after childbirth. However, both those giving birth as an outpatient procedure or being discharged early need to meet certain conditions with regard to the baby and mother, in order to be discharged early. Matters preventing early discharge include the baby’s glucose monitoring, infection monitoring, as well as the mother’s profuse bleeding or an issue with breastfeeding. The pediatrician will always examine the baby before discharge from the ward.

For postpartum recovery, you can get tips from a group held by physiotherapists every weekday for women who have given birth. In addition to this group, you will have the opportunity to join the digital care pathway for postpartum rehabilitation, for which the Maternity Ward will provide you with instructions for joining.


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