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Gynecological Emergency Clinic, Hyvinkää Hospital

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In the Gynecological Emergency Clinic of Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat gynecological and pregnant patients in need of urgent care.


Treatment at the Gynecological Emergency Clinic will require a referral from a physician or a public health nurse at a health center. Also the Emergency Clinic of Hyvinkää Hospital refers patients to the Gynecological Emergency Clinic. In emergencies, no referral is required.

Emergency patients are treated regardless of the time of day.

Women about to give birth are always asked to call the midwife at 050 4275 328 before they arrive.

Contact your health center's emergency services during opening hours. At other times, call the Medical Helpline at 116 117 (toll-free), or the delivery room at 050 427 5328 (pregnant patients).

Before you go to the Emergency Clinic, call the toll-free Medical Helpline at 116 117. The need for treatment is assessed by phone and you will be directed to the correct unit of treatment or be provided with home-care instructions. The Medical Helpline provides emergency health advice around the clock. Your call will be answered by nurses trained for the task. In an urgent situation, you can seek treatment directly at the Hyvinkää Hospital Emergency Clinic, if you cannot contact the Medical Helpline within a reasonable time. In urgent situations, pregnant customers call the delivery room directly at 050 427 5328, where the patient may be instructed to go to the Gynecological Emergency Clinic, if necessary. 

The Medical Helpline will serve you in the following:

  • You are seeking help from the Emergency Clinic
  • You need an assessment of the need and urgency of treatment
  • You need advice and instructions for home care
  • If necessary, refer you to the correct unit of treatment

You should not call the Medical Helpline, when:

  • You need to renew a prescription
  • You have a chronic, prolonged condition without any sudden aggravation
  • If you have a life-threatening emergency at hand – call 112