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Endoscopy Outpatient Clinic, Hyvinkää Hospital

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At Hyvinkää Hospital's Endoscopy Outpatient Clinic, we carry out endoscopy examinations, such as gastroscopies, colonoscopies, cystoscopies and bronchoscopies, as well as procedures, such as taking biopsies and removing polyps, conducted in connection with these endoscopic examinations. In addition, we perform capsule endoscopies of the small intestine at the outpatient clinic.

With endoscopic examinations, we can study a wide range of symptoms. Typical of these are heartburn, difficulty swallowing, constipation, changes in bowel function, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemoptysis, and hematuria and other urinary problems.

At the Endoscopy Outpatient Clinic, we carry out examinations both as emergency procedures and by appointment. For endoscopic procedures, you will arrive on the basis of a physician's referral from a health center, occupational health care provider, a private medical clinic, or another specialty in the hospital. In order to successfully complete the endoscopic examination, it is important for the person arriving for the procedure to follow the preparation instructions we have provided, such as fasting and bowel lavage prior to the colonoscopy.


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