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Ear, Nose and Throat Disease Outpatient Clinic, Hyvinkää Hospital

  • ear, nose and throat diseases
  • Hyvinkää Hospital

At the Hyvinkää Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat Disease Outpatient Clinic (Otorhinolaryngology), we examine and treat patients of all ages. The Ear, Nose and Throat Disease Outpatient Clinic serves as a referral and follow-up outpatient clinic on the 1st floor of the hospital.


The diseases treated and the examinations and treatments conducted in the outpatient clinic include:

  • acute, chronic and recurring upper respiratory infections in children and adults
  • otitis, sinusitis, adenoiditis and tonsillitis
  • allergies, other chronic rhinitis, examinations and treatment of nasal congestion
  • examination and treatment of head, nasal, pharyngeal, laryngeal and neck area tumors
  • examination and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea
  • hearing tests and rehabilitation operations, vertigo examinations
  • minor procedures, endoscopic examinations of the upper respiratory tract, after-care of surgical procedures
  • nosebleeds, heat treatments for snoring and nasal blockage



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