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Assistive Device Unit, Hyvinkää Hospital

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Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Hyvinkää Hospital
Sairaalankatu 1, building B, floor P

Postal address

P.O. Box 585
05850 Hyvinkää
We have a callback service.

Walk-in visits available

Service hours

Mo–We 13:30–15:00
Th–Fr 8:00–9:30

Return of assistive devices: To the roller cage in the elevator lobby of building B, floor P

Service hours

Mo–Su 7:00–20:00

The Hyvinkää Hospital Assistive Device Unit is a specialised medical care unit where we provide demanding assistive technology services centrally for the needs of Hyvinkää Hospital and the Joint Municipal Authority of Central Uusimaa Health and Social Services. 

The Assistive Device Unit is located on floor P of building B. Entrance is through door B1.