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Herttoniemi Hospital

Kettutie 8, Helsinki

Visiting address

Herttoniemi Hospital
Kettutie 8

Postal address

P.O. Box 630
00029 HUS

Herttoniemi Hospital houses operations of HUS Helsinki University Hospital and the City of Helsinki.  

Hand surgery and upper limb orthopedic services have been centralized in our hospital. Our hospital does not have any inpatient ward, and all our patients are able to leave and recover at home after surgery.

Laboratory tests and X-ray examinations are carried out prior to arriving for the appointment at the outpatient clinic or for a surgical procedure. There is no laboratory or imaging unit in our hospital. You can find a suitable unit here: Laboratory and imaging locations

We also serve as a temporary relocation facility for the City of Helsinki. Starting at the beginning of 2019, Myllypuro comprehensive service centre has also been located on our premises.

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Patient instructions ,

The patient instructions site answer the most common questions patients may have before, during, and after treatment.

See patient instructions site here


Occupational therapists

In the Occupational Therapy Unit at Herttoniemi Hospital, we provide occupational therapy services to the hospital’s inpatient wards and outpatient clinics…

Surgery Outpatient Clinic

Herttoniemi Hospital's Surgery Outpatient Clinic operates as a referral and post-operative follow-up clinic, where we examine and treat hand-surgery…

Surgery and Anesthesia Unit

In Herttoniemi Hospital's Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, we perform procedures as day surgery.