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Meilahti Emergency Department, Haartman Hospital

  • emergency services
  • health center emergency services
  • Specialized Health Care Emergency Department

Contact information

Visiting address

Haartman Hospital
Haartmaninkatu 4

Postal address

P.O. Box 370
00029 HUS

Before coming to the emergency department, call the Medical Helpline

Phone, Before coming to the emergency department, call the Medical Helpline: 116117

Opening hours

Health center emergency services

Mon–Fri 16:00–22:00
Sat–Sun 8:00–22:00

Emergency services for specialist medical care

Open 24/7.

At the Meilahti emergency department, we provide emergency care in primary health care to residents over the age of 16 mainly from the southern, central and western areas of Helsinki. We provide specialist emergency care for the entire HUS area. In urgent cases, we provide treatment regardless of a person’s domicile.  

Entry to the Meilahti Emergency Department is via Haartman Hospital's main entrance.

You do not need a referral to seek treatment at the health center emergency clinic. During Mon–Fri 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m., the primary place of treatment for the residents of Helsinki in cases of sudden illnesses and minor injuries is their local health center. 

The specialist medical care emergency services are on call around the clock. For specialist medical care emergency services, you need a physician's referral, but in case of an emergency, you may also seek treatment without a referral. 

Before coming to the emergency clinic, call the Medical Helpline at 116 117. In an emergency, always call 112.

If you already have a referral to the emergency clinic, you do not need to call the Medical Helpline.

The most common symptoms that you should always have looked at in an emergency clinic:

  • chest pain
  • stroke symptoms, such as sudden flaccidity or incapacity of a limb or speech difficulties
  • profuse bleeding (e.g. vomiting of blood, large bleeding wound)
  • major injuries and bone fractures
  • sudden severe headache
  • difficulty breathing
  • suddenly occurring or increasingly severe abdominal pain
  • mental health problems requiring urgent treatment

At the hospital emergency clinic, we always assess the need and urgency for treatment first. Based on this, you will be referred to a nurse or physician. Patients are treated in the order of urgency, not in the order of arrival. Because of this, a patient who has arrived after you may be admitted for treatment before you.



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