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Haartman Hospital

Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki
09 4711 (vaihde)
09 471 76849

Visiting address

Haartman Hospital, building 12
Haartmaninkatu 4

Postal address

P.O. Box 370
00029 HUS
Open 24 hours a day. Detailed contact information and visiting hours are available on the page of each ward and unit.

Haartman Hospital houses the Meilahti Joint Emergency Department, and Emergency Services for Oral Diseases on evenings and weekends. The hospital also operates a cardiac outpatient clinic, an emergency ward, three internal medicine wards, and an X-ray unit.


Meilahti Emergency Department

At the Meilahti emergency department, we provide emergency care in primary health care to residents over the age of 16 mainly from the southern, central…

Haartman Hospital's Emergency Services for Oral Diseases and Dental Care

Emergency Services for Oral Diseases on evenings and weekends are arranged at Haartman Hospital.

Suu- ja leukasairauksien yleisanestesiahammashoito

Suu- ja leukasairauksien yleisanestesiahammashoito on Haartmanin sairaalassa sijaitseva päiväkirurginen yksikkö. Vastaamme nukutuksessa tapahtuvasta suu-…

Haartman Hospital X-ray unit

At Haartman Hospital, we conduct imaging examinations for the emergency patients of Helsinki health centers.