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Pediatric Unit, Eye and Ear Hospital

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In the Ophthalmology Pediatric Unit in Eye and Ear Hospital, we treat pediatric patients arriving both for appointments at the outpatient clinic and for day surgery procedures for ophthalmic diseases. Patients are referred to our unit by their physician.

Our unit is responsible for the treatment of all patients 0–16 years of age with ophthalmological illnesses, such as developmental eye disorders, glaucoma, cataract, eye infections, lacrimal duct, retinal and oncological diseases, eyelid problems, eye injuries, difficult-to-manage cases of amblyopia, and strabismus. In addition, we have a national responsibility for the treatment of children's retinoblastoma.  

Due to the broad field of children's eye diseases, we work in close collaboration with other ophthalmology units and with the pediatrics units. The ophthalmologists in the Pediatric Unit also carry out eye examinations in premature infants and are responsible for the examination and treatment of eye diseases in pediatric patients.

Children's eye diseases are often long-term and require expert, long-span care, and good cooperation with the entire family.