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Espoo Hospital

Karvasmäentie 6, Espoo
09 4711
09 4715 9439


Labor ward, Espoo Hospital

In the labor ward of Espoo Hospital, we take care of deliveries and ensure the well-being of newborns.

Maternity wards N6C and N6E, Espoo Hospital

On Espoo Hospital maternity ward, we treat women who have given birth and newborns after childbirth. We also provide guidance on caring for the baby…

Assistive Equipment Center, Espoo Unit

In the Espoo Unit of the Assistive Equipment Center, we lend primary health care assistive equipment to the residents of Espoo.

Espoo Hospital cafeteria

In the Espoo Hospital cafeteria, you can buy, e.g. salads, baguettes, coffee, tea, baked goods, sweets, soft drinks, and fruit.


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