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Radiation Therapy Ward, Comprehensive Cancer Center

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The Radiation Therapy Ward of the Department of Oncology is responsible for all external radiation therapies administered in the Uusimaa region.

The majority of the ward's patients come from the HUS area, but the ward also accepts patients who require specialist medical care from other hospital districts. Patients are referred to the ward by their physician. 

In some cases, radiation therapy can be used in combination with cytotoxic drug treatment or targeted drug therapy. The side effects of the treatment you receive depend on the treatment site and are minimized with individually planned treatment. 

Your treatment and its duration are tailored individually. The first radiation therapy session is usually scheduled approximately 1–2 weeks after your initial physician's appointment in radiation therapy ward. Radiation therapy cannot be felt or seen, and it won't harm the persons accompanying you. Most of the patients we treat arrive for therapy from home.

Some radiation therapy procedures may require an overnight stay on the inpatient ward due to preparations or monitoring. Some treatments with radioactive isotopes require the patient to be admitted to a hospital inpatient ward for a few days after treatment, staying in a single patient room to prevent others from being exposed to radiation.



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