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Clinical Trial Unit, Department of Oncology

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The Clinical Trial Unit is located at the Department of Oncology in Meilahti.

The Clinical Trial Unit operates as an integral part of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. In the Clinical Trial Unit, we study cancer treatments that usually are not yet publicly available. The target of research can be a new cancer drug that does not yet have marketing authorization. Many of the studies are international.

Our unit performs international cancer medicine research in phases I through IV, and treats all types of cancer. The treatments are demanding trial treatments that include cytotoxic drug treatment, immunological, antibody, and viral treatments, as well as radiotherapy.

Future treatments today

  • We offer more and more patients the opportunity to be among the first to receive new trial therapies aimed at being more effective and safer than the previous therapies.
  • Our clinical pharmaceutical research activities are of the highest quality in all aspects.
  • Our clinical pharmaceutical research unit has close network connections with international clinical trial groups and basic research.
  • Our personnel receives constant training in research activities.


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