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Comprehensive Cancer Center

Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki
09 4711
Info point:
09 471 731 97
Medical Helpline:
116 117
The contact center of the Comprehensive Cancer Center:
09 471 74 900

At the Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are in charge of all oncological cancer treatment, other than surgeries, throughout the entire Uusimaa region.

In addition to patients from Helsinki and Uusimaa, we also treat patients from across Finland requiring specialist medical care. Examinations, treatment plans, and radiation therapy are carried out mainly at the Meilahti clinic, while surgery is carried out in the various hospitals.

Comprehensive Cancer Center can be identified with the letter C, which is displayed in the signs and appointment letters. The number after the letter indicates the floor. For example, C5 means the 5th floor. C5.1 means the Medical Treatment Unit's waiting area on the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s 5th floor, or C5.2-5.3 the outpatient clinic’s waiting area.

If a cancer patient’s condition worsens

If your condition worsens abruptly or you develop a fever of over 38 degrees Celsius, please contact:

  • The toll-free Medical Helpline number 116 117, which is open 24/7, or
  • The nearest hospital with an open emergency clinic.

In emergencies, call the emergency number 112.

Café in the Comprehensive Cancer Center

Comprehensive Cancer Center has a café in the entrance lobby on the 1st floor of the old building part on the Paciuksenkatu 3 side.


Comprehensive Cancer Center's Outpatient Unit and Medical Treatment Unit

Doctors’ and nurses’ appointments take place in the outpatient clinics in Comprehensive Cancer Center, and drug therapy for cancer is administered in the…

Oncology Ward S4A, Meilahti Bridge Hospital

On Oncology Ward S4A, we provide cancer treatments for different types of cancer.

Oncology Ward S4B, Comprehensive Cancer Center

On Ward S4B at the Meilahti Bridge Hospital, we primarily treat patients from adolescents to the elderly who have lymphoma, sarcoma, or testicular cancer.

Radiation Therapy Ward, Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Radiation Therapy Ward of the Department of Oncology is responsible for all external radiation therapies administered in the Uusimaa region.