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We continue to increase our range of digital services for customers and patients.

We offer patients e-services for transactions, communication, and treatment. You may use these anywhere and at any time. We are also constantly developing new solutions and services in collaboration with our patients and partners.

Improving our capacity for providing e-services for our customers is one of the key goals at HUS.

Further information on our e-services is available at your treatment unit.​

Customer feedback

You may send HUS feedback on your treatment, on our e-services, and on our activities in general. Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us improve our services. Anyone can send us open feedback. Some units send their customers feedback surveys by text message.

We value your feedback

Coronabot and the mental support program

The Health Village Coronabot asks questions on symptoms, on encounters with infected persons, on underlying conditions, and on potential exposure. Based on the answers you provide, the bot will evaluate the likelihood of you having a coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and will give you specific instructions on whether and how to seek treatment.
Mental support content designed by psychiatry experts at HUS help you cope mentally with uncertainty and isolation.

Try out the Coronabot (link to a different website)


Maisa is an e-service portal that has been introduced at some HUS units with the launch of the Apotti system. In this portal, you can see your appointments, communicate with a professional, review your examination results, and rea

Log on to Maisa (user identification required)

MyPath in the Health Village

MyPath (Omapolku) in the Health Village (Terveyskylä) is a digital service channel of the health care sector. In MyPath, you will find the digital treatment paths opened up for you, along with self-care programs that are open to everyone. In MyPath, your medical history, treatment assignments, instructions, and journals are always with you. This information can only be accessed by health care professionals who are treating you. Remote appointments are also possible through MyPath.

Terveyskylän Omapolku (link to a different website)

Chats and chatbots

There are several chats and chatbots available to you. Chatbots are robots that give conversational responses to questions. In a chat, on the other hand, you are always communicating with a human. ​The HUS Servicebot provides advice on HUS services during the exceptional circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic and guides you to the right location.
The Neuvo chatbot of HUS Imaging is intended for customers coming in for medical imaging examinations.

Try out the Neuvo chatbot of HUS Imaging

Medical Helpline 116117

You can call the Medical Helpline (Päivystysapu) for help with urgent health problems if your local health center is not open. You will be directed to the appropriate service location or given instructions for self-care.
You may examine the congestions and queuing status at hospital emergency clinics online. The Emergency Hub also contains information on HUS emergency clinics.

The Medical Helpline is there for urgent health issues (link to a different website)

Health Village (Terveyskylä)

Health Village (Terveyskylä) is an online service for specialist medical care. We provide information, support, and care for patients, and tools for professionals. The service consists of 32 virtual hubs, among which you can find answers to any health-related questions that you may have.

Terveyskylä.fi health portal (link to a different website)

Instructions for remote appointments

We will inform you if your appointment will be a remote appointment. If you are a patient at Peijas, Hyvinkää, Lohja, Porvoo, Raseborg or Jorvi Hospital, at a psychiatric unit, or at Gynecology and Obstetrics, you have access to the Maisa remote appointments via the Apotti patient portal.

Other patients have access to remote appointments through MyPath in the Health Village.

In special cases or in the case of group appointments, Microsoft Teams may be used. Detailed instructions will be provided by your treatment unit. All the applications we use are reliable and secure.