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News Published on 29.4.2021, 12:47

Patients’ immediate family members will be allowed to visit HUS hospitals starting May 1, 2021

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As the COVID-19 pandemic situation has improved, we can allow immediate family members to visit patients once again in HUS hospitals.

To ensure that visiting is safe for the patients, their family members, and our staff, one patient may only have two guests at a time for a 15-minute visit. Treatment units may allow exceptions to this rule if the patient is in end-of-life care or otherwise seriously ill, or if the patient needs the family member for assistance. Treatment units may also consider allowing exceptions for other reasonable grounds case by case.  

Visitors must wear a surgical face mask and use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the hospital, ward, and patient room. Visitors must be free of any symptoms of a respiratory infection and visits must be arranged with the unit's staff.  

Other visits to HUS units are prohibited.  

Pediatric units and gynecological and obstetrics units have their own visiting instructions.