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Press release Published on 3.12.2021, 12:09

Patients coming to HUS for treatment will be asked about vaccinations during the epidemic period

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Starting from December 7th, patients coming to HUS for treatment and examinations will be asked if they have taken influenza and coronavirus vaccines. Asking about vaccines and recording information is part of HUS's patient safety work.

“In the invitation letter, we recommend both the influenza vaccine and the coronavirus vaccine for all patients coming here for treatment and examinations. By taking these vaccines, the patient protects themselves, those close to them, other patients, and our staff,” says Eeva Ruotsalainen, Deputy Chief Physician.

The vaccination data will be recorded faster if the patient has already taken note of when they received the coronavirus and influenza vaccines. Being unvaccinated does not affect the treatment of the patient. Patients who have not yet taken the vaccines will be told where and when they can be obtained. Municipalities provide both influenza and coronavirus vaccines. Additionally, the influenza vaccine can also be obtained at the patient vaccination points of some HUS hospitals and in some departments at the recovery stage.

“Epidemics in the wards cause a lot of concern, extra work, and complicate the treatment of other patients, as it is necessary to limit the activity in the unit where infections and exposures have been diagnosed. Emphasising the importance of vaccinations for patients coming for treatment is one of our ways of making the hospital environment safe for patients and staff,” says Ruotsalainen.