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Press release Published on 20.4.2022, 08:44

The nurses unions’ strike was cancelled; instructions for patients

  • TES-sopimus 2022

Today at 4 p.m., Tehy and SuPer cancelled the second phase of the strike that was due to start tomorrow. Any cancelled appointments will remain cancelled unless the patient is contacted by phone. Laboratories and X-ray units may be overburdened.

Since the strike was cancelled in the very end of the day, any appointments cancelled because of the strike will generally remain cancelled, unless the treating unit contacts their patients and informs them otherwise.

On Wednesday April 20, HUS units will concentrate on treating hospitalized patients and on calling patients, in order of medical urgency, to attend appointments during the rest of the week. Units will contact their patients and inform them of their new appointments. Patients can check their booked appointments online in the patient portal Maisa.

Laboratories and X-ray units will be open

We aim to open all laboratory sampling sites, X-ray units and other medical imaging sites on April 20, but delays are possible and the units may be overburdened.

Childbirth services in Lohja and Hyvinkää hospitals continue

The previously announced closure of childbirth services in Lohja and Hyvinkää hospitals is over and the hospitals are open for labor and delivery as usual. See the press release for more information.