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Press release Published on 15.3.2022, 16:06

The MyCovidData service can be used to carry out a self-assessment of thrombosis risk

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A thrombosis risk assessment can be made after testing positive for COVID-19 in a test conducted at home or in a laboratory.

Coronavirus infection is associated with an increased risk of vascular thrombosis. On the other hand, an increased risk of thrombosis may increase the development of a serious coronavirus disease.

If you have tested positive for coronavirus, you can assess for yourself whether you have an increased risk of vascular thrombosis. Residents in the areas of HUS, Kymsote, the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, and Eksote can make an assessment by identifying themselves in the MyCovidData service, where the data is stored and transferred to the infection tracking of their municipality of residence. You can log in to the MyCovidData service by using your electronic banking personal identity codes or mobile ID. Another option to make the assessment is to respond to the questions on the HUS website.

If, based on the assessment, the risk of vascular thrombosis is elevated, the person must always contact the helpline on the website of the municipality of residence by telephone for possible initiation of heparin therapy. If you receive a positive result in an at-home test and based on the survey you belong to a vascular risk group for initiation of heparin therapy, it is also recommended that you confirm the test result in a laboratory via the Coronabot appointment booking system.