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Impact of the municipal industrial action on patient care

The nurses unions Tehy and SuPer have also announced a ban on overtime and shift swaps covering the entire municipal sector from April 20, 2022 onwards.

General information for patients

Due to the bans, we may have to cancel some appointments in non-urgent care.

  • If you have granted us permission to send you text messages, we can inform you of a cancelled appointment by SMS.
  • We are also notifying patients about cancellations by phone. Please answer any phone calls from unknown numbers and check your voice mail.

We will send you a new appointment once the situation is over.

If you do not receive an SMS or a phone call from us, please attend your appointment as usual.

Appointments for cervical cancer screening were cancelled during the nurses unions’ strike on April 1–14, 2022.
Screening sampling continues again as usual.

Laboratories and medical imaging

We will not send new appointments to patients whose laboratory test appointments were cancelled during the nurses unions’ strike. You need to book a new appointment yourself or arrive to the laboratory without an appointment. The laboratory sampling sites may be overburdened and the waiting times may be long. Some of our laboratories are available by appointment only. Please check each laboratory’s webpage for more detailed information.

Medical imaging units have been normally open since April 20, but especially general radiographies that do not require booked appointments may be overburdened. We work through the waiting list for examinations that need an appointment in order of medical urgency. We will inform the patients of their new examination appointments.

Because the waiting list for urgent medical imaging grew during the nurses unions’ strike, we will still need to cancel or reschedule some booked appointments until we have cleared the waiting list for urgent examinations. If your appointment is cancelled, we will let you know by phone or SMS. You will get your new appointment later.


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