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News Published on 3.1.2023, 14:41

HUS's FINPROVE research project is involved in EU-funded consortia of individualised cancer care projects - a total of EUR 9 million has been allocated to these projects

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The FINPROVE research project of the HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center is part of the consortia of individualised cancer care projects funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe health programme. The projects received a total of EUR 9 million in funding.

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The Netherlands and the Nordic countries joined forces to launch the Dutch-Nordic Alliance for Precision Cancer Medicine (PCM), which collaborates in research on two EU-funded projects. The co-financing of the projects amounts to EUR 9 million, some of which also targets FINPROVE research.

The PCM4EU project (cancer diagnostics and treatment for all) consortium aims to improve the survival and quality of life of cancer patients in the EU through the introduction of precision cancer treatment practices based on molecular diagnostics.

PRIME-ROSE project (PRecisIon Cancer MEdicine RepurpOsing SystEm Using Pragmatic Clinical Trials) contributes to the EU cancer mission's goal of optimising treatment and supporting the quality of life of more than 3 million people with cancer by 2030. The PRIME-ROSE consortium aims to enhance the availability of life-prolonging and life-enhancing targeted medicines for cancer patients, to assess the effectiveness of individual cancer treatment in academic research-based clinical trials, and to work together with European experts to implement evidence-based treatment in routine practice, and to reduce inequalities between patients in accessing personalised treatment.

The FINPROVE study seeks individualised treatments for patients with advanced cancer. The study started at the beginning of the year and is now open nationally in all university hospitals.

Further information: 

Johanna Mattson, Director, HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center

Katriina Peltola, Head Physician, Clinical Pharmaceutical Research Unit, HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center

Mika Mustonen, Director, FICAN South