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Press release Published on 31.3.2022, 09:44

HUS starts cancelling appointments due to nurses unions’ strike

  • TES-sopimus 2022

The Finnish nurses unions Tehy and Super go on strike on April 1st, 6 a.m. Because of the strike nearly all non-urgent care must be postponed until the strike is over. Patients will be informed by SMS or phone call if their appointment is cancelled. 

“On Thursday, March 31, we will start cancelling appointments and informing the patients by text message or telephone. Since the duration of the strike is unknown, we will cancel appointments gradually. This is why it is possible that patients will be informed about a cancellation only a day in advance”, explains chief medical officer Markku Mäkijärvi.  

The HUS website will have information on how the strike affects patient care as well as instructions for patients. Patients should answer calls coming from an unknown number and check their voicemail. If a patient has not received an SMS or a phone call cancelling their appointment, they should attend the appointment as usual. 

We apologize for the disruption to our services caused by the strike. 

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