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Press release Published on 26.1.2021 14:02

HUS Comprehensive Cancer Centre designated as a top-level European cancer hospital for a second time

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A cancer hospital has reached the Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) level when the quality of its treatment and its scientific research are first class and its activities are patient-oriented, meaning that patients are taken into account diversely and are also included in the planning of the activities.

HUS Comprehensive Cancer Centre has for a second time reached the highest possible level (CCC) designated by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), the umbrella organization of European cancer hospitals. 

”I am very happy about this international acknowledgement. The criteria for the CCC level had been tightened considerably since 2014, when we achieved this level as the first Nordic and the second European university hospital,” says Johanna Mattson, Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

This time, the Comprehensive Cancer Centre was particularly praised for its pioneering work in developing a mobile application originally tailored for cancer patients together with a Finnish start-up company and for its internationally unique multi-level cancer care training for nurses, implemented in cooperation with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. 

”The best thing about accreditations is the continuous development of the activities and the peer evaluation with international top-level hospitals. In this round, we updated the content of our multiprofessional work in cancer treatment and strengthened the cooperation networks of clinical cancer research, among other things,” Mattson says.

The high level of cancer research at the Comprehensive Cancer Centre is based on cooperation with the University of Helsinki. Even by international standards, both clinical and basic research at the center are world-class. In the past few years, cooperation in cancer research has been further intensified in the Academy of Finland’s iCAN flagship project and in the network of FICAN South. FINPROVE, an extensive study on personalized medicine will be launched at the Comprehensive Cancer Centre this spring with the aim of finding new treatments for advanced cancers.