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Press release Published on 15.4.2021, 12:55

HUS Annual Report 2020 published

  • Henkilöstö

HUS had a central role in the front line fighting the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The pandemic affected the entire year, but we managed to continue with other operations as well. 2020 was also the first year implementing our new strategy.

Nainen maski kasvoilla.

HUS Annual Report 2020 has been published online at The website reviews the year 2020 at HUS and contains the annual report and financial statements. HUS Annual Report also includes a personnel report, annual report of nursing, and a sustainability report by HUS Logistics.

This is the second time the Annual Report is published only online. The Annual Report is also available in Finnish and in Swedish.

“The Annual Report provides an extensive general review of our operations last year. By publishing the Annual Report online, we wish to make information more easily available and increase transparency in our communications as well. Contents from the Annual Report will be used in our communications throughout this year”, explains Communications Manager Paavo Holi.

Further information:

Paavo Holi, Communications Manager, 050 427 9517, paavo.holi(at)