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News Published on 30.12.2020, 09:16

Dear customer, Your January invoices will be delayed!

  • patient fees

We are experiencing billing delays related to patient billing. The delays do not require any action from you, but the following changes will take place:

  1. Your January invoices will be sent to you in February-March.
  2. As soon as it is possible, we will inform other healthcare units, for example city and municipality hospitals, about any transactions that count towards your annual maximum limit for healthcare costs.

The delays in billing are caused by implementation of a new billing management system in early 2021.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience it may cause.


Best regards,

Patient Billing, HUS Asvia


Contact information

Tel. 09 471 78550 (Mo – Fri 9 am – 3 pm) or email cbgvynfynfxhghf@uhf.svif.suh@sutuksalsalitop .