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Regional situation in the coronavirus epidemic and issued recommendations

A regional coordination group operates in Uusimaa to organize the regional work that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health requires the authorities to carry out and to coordinate the measures (in Finnish). The group convening on a weekly basis monitors the epidemic situation and the need for recommendations and restrictions aimed at tackling the epidemic. The group is chaired by Chief Medical Officer Markku Mäkijärvi from HUS.

The regional coordination group proposes recommendations and restrictions related to the epidemic. The official decisions will be made by the Regional State Administrative Agency (Aluehallintovirasto) and by municipalities.

Epidemic situation on November 19th 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic is in the spreading stage in the capital region. Elsewhere in Uusimaa, the epidemic is still in the acceleration stage.

The regional recommendations:

Use of face mask for everyone aged over 15 years is recommended:

  • in public transportation, and in taxis for both the driver and the passengers
  • in public spaces and events
  • in private spaces (shops, banks etc.)
  • in secondary education, universities and youth centers  
  • in hobbies 
  • in workplaces when safe distances, rotated room usage or other hygiene and safety arrangements are not possible
  • social welfare and healthcare personnel in work with patients and clients

Additionally, use of face mask is recommended for staff and pupils in upper comprehensive schools (yläkoulu). Use of face masks or shields is recommended for staff in daycare centers and lower comprehensive schools (alakoulu).

Remote work is recommended whenever possible. If remote work is not possible, work places should use staggered lunch and coffee breaks, and further increase the use of face masks when safe distancing is not possible.

It is recommended that maximum number of people in private events is 10.

It is also recommended to follow Finnish institute for health and welfare's instructions "Treatment of coronavirus and instructions for the infected"

The regional restrictions:

Protecting the elderly and other at-risk groups is especially important. Restrictions on visiting social welfare and healthcare units, including units that provide 24-hour-care:

  • Meeting visitors outdoors is recommended, if possible.
  • The number of visitors indoors and the duration of visits has been restricted. These restrictions are monitored. Visits to shared facilities are not permitted. More detailed information on the visiting practices in units can be found on the units’ websites.

Public events: Public events of over 20 people are not allowed during the next three weeks. The Regional State Administrative Agency will make the official decisions on this matter.

The number of customers in public premises is restricted to half of the normal permitted number.

Hobbies: All group hobbies for adults (over the age of 20) will be on hold for three weeks. The municipalities will make the official decisions and give recommendations to private service providers.

Exceptional teaching arrangements: in exposure situations, the municipality makes the decision on transferring the class or the school to remote teaching.

Restricting the opening hours, alcohol sales hours and the number of customer seats of food and beverage service businesses: according to the guidelines issued by the Government.


More information

Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group

Read more about the criteria for the different stages of the epidemic in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s press release and the publication ”Action plan for implementing recommendations and restrictive measures under the hybrid strategy following the first phase of the COVID-19 epidemic” (in Finnish).

The current municipality-specific recommendations and restrictions can be found on each municipality’s website:

City of Espoo

City of Helsinki

City of Sipoo

City of Vantaa