What to bring to the hospital?

What should I pack
in my hospital bag?


First and foremost, remember to bring your maternity health card; it contains health information needed at the hospital. Bring any medication that you use regularly. Furthermore, you will need a toothbrush, tooth paste and other toiletries and personal care items.

Take a photo ID with you when you come for a scheduled appointment, emergency outpatient clinic or labor ward at the maternity hospital.
If you want to wear your own clothes at the hospital, pack enough changes of clothes. Of course, your spouse or someone else can bring them later too.
You may bring some relaxing music you would like to listen to during labour. You may also pack snacks for your support person.
The only thing you need for the baby are the going home clothes. We use disposable diapers at the hospital. If you want to use washable diapers, bring them with you.
Leave valuables (jewellery, electronic equipment, etc.) at home. The hospital is not responsible for these items and they cannot be kept secure at the hospital.


Always bring:
  • ​your maternity health card and a photo ID
  • any medication that you use regularly
  • toiletries and other personal care items (toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, comb, shampoo, etc.)
You may also bring:
  • ​comfortable clothes if you want to wear your own clothes in the hospital (dressing gown, slippers, sweat suits, etc.)
  • camera
  • relaxing music
  • grain bag or something else to warm you
  • for labour partner: snacks, comfortable clothes and shoes
  • lip balm
  • nursing bra
  • bra pads
  • carry sling
  • wool socks
  • washable diapers if you want to use them (you will have to wash them yourself)
  • some item or picture that gives you strength
Do NOT bring:
  • ​any valuables
For going home
(the person who comes to get you may bring these items, but pack them in advance):
  • ​clothes for the baby and a car safety seat
  • clothes for the mother