Structural ultrasound scan in week 19–21 of pregnancy

The structural ultrasound scan is an abdominal scan. During the examination the structures of the foetus are checked systematically, its size and the amount of amniotic fluid are estimated and the location of the placenta is checked. Determining the sex of the baby is not part of this examination, but it may be attempted if the parents wish it.

At this point the mother can already feel the baby’s movements. They can also be felt by putting your hand on top of the womb. The movements of the foetus are now more co-ordinated. During the ultrasound scan you may see how the baby grabs its toes or puts a finger in the mouth. If the baby is in a suitable position you may get the chance to admire its profile.

There is a website (in Finnish only) that contains information on development disabilities for expectant mothers. Link to the website.