Ultrasound screening

Two ultrasound screenings are performed: an early pregnancy ultrasound examination and a structural ultrasound scan. A nuchal translucency scan and blood sample, related to screening of chromosomal defects, can be included in the early pregnancy ultrasound scan.

Ultrasound scans are:

  • voluntary
  • performed by a midwife trained in ultrasound screening
  • painless

The examination rooms have a side monitor where the mother/parents see the same image as the midwife performing the scan. You may not film the examination and it cannot be saves on a video, but you will get ultrasound images with you.

Your spouse or another adult person can accompany you at the examination. Children are not allowed in examination rooms.

Ultrasound screenings are free of charge. If you cannot come to your appointment please call the clinic where you have the appointment as soon as possible. If you do not show up and fail to cancel your appointment you will have to pay a No-show fee (33,80 €).