Induction of labour

Usually, labour begins spontaneously when the due date is near. The onset is the sum of many elements. Spontaneous labour is usually the easiest.

Labour is induced if it is considered a better alternative for the mother and baby than waiting for the natural onset of labour. The reasons for induction may be related to the mother or the baby. The reasons are not definitive –  the need to induce labour depends on their degree of severity. Suspected macrosomia, i.e., large size of the baby, is not a reason for induction as such. Even if the baby is big, spontaneous labour is desirable.

Induction of labour is always carefully considered and should never be done without a good reason. The purpose is to deliver a healthy baby and guarantee the mother’s well-being during labour. Induced labour involves a slightly higher than normal risk of ending up in a Cesarean section or some other form of assisted delivery, such as ventouse extraction.

For more information on induced labour, please see the attached PDF file Induced labour guide.