HAL clinic: a special outpatient clinic for pregnant women with substance misuse problems

HAL is an abbreviation of a Finnish term that refers to substance misuse. The clinic provides information on the effects of alcohol and drugs on the foetus and pregnancy and encourages the parents to discontinue substance use.  The treatment includes assessment of substance use and drug screening. The treatment team consists of a doctor, a midwife and a social worker.

The goals of treatment and monitoring are:

  • discontinued or decreased substance use (referral to substance rehabilitation)
  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases and nutritional disorders that may pose a threat to the pregnancy
  • detection of substance abuse related development and growth disorders in the foetus
  • evaluation of the mother’s capacity to take care of the baby, assessment of the need for child protection
  • evaluation of the possibilities for successful continuation of the pregnancy
    supporting the parents’ growth into parenthood.


The HAL clinics are located at the maternity outpatient clinics of Jorvi, Hyvinkää and Women’s  Hospitals.