Maternity outpatient clinics

Maternity outpatient clinics are for the monitoring of at-risk pregnancies. You need a referral to book an appointment. 

You may be referred by a prenatal clinic doctor or public health nurse or by a private doctor.  Based on the referral, the doctor at the maternity outpatient clinic evaluates the urgency of each case, and the patient is invited to the clinic by letter or phone. For late pregnancy monitoring (weeks 41+5) patients book appointments themselves by calling the clinic.

Come to the clinic well in advance and reserve time for possible additional examinations. If you wish, your spouse or another adult person may accompany you. Children are not allowed in examination rooms.

Maternity outpatient clinic visits are subject to outpatient fee. If you cannot come to your appointment please call the clinic where you have the appointment as soon as possible. If you do not show up and fail to cancel your appointment you will have to pay a No-show fee (33,90 €).


​Teratological information service
Teratological information service (only in Finnish) is a national level telephone service that provides information on teratogens.

Teratogens are external elements that have harmful effects on fertility or the developing foetus. These may include medication taken by the mother or father, the mother's infections and various chemical and physical environmental exposures. The teratological information service also answers questions relating to exposure during breast-feeding.