Choosing your maternity unit

Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa has four maternity hospitals. All four maternity units apply the same principles of treatment.

Pregnant mothers living in the HUS district may choose any maternity unit in the hospital district.  


When should I decide? 

You do not have to give birth at the hospital where you had your ultrasound screening.
Maternity outpatient clinics in the HUH region (Women’s Hospital and Jorvi Hospital) work in close co-operation with each other. All referrals to maternity clinics arrive in the same location, from where an appointment will be booked at one of the hospitals based on their booking situations and the reason for referral, irrespective of which hospital the mother is planning to give birth in.
The Women's Hospital, which holds the antenatal ward shared by all hospitals, manages risk pregnancies and deliveries which require treatment at a ward. If the pregnancy has required monitoring at a maternity clinic or hospital, the doctor and pregnant woman will choose the maternity hospital together case by case when labor becomes relevant.   
Both HUH region hospitals (Women's Hospital and Espoo hospitals) perform planned cesarian sections. All the hospitals also have a neonatal ward for monitoring newborn babies. If a reason is discovered during pregnancy that calls for special monitoring for the mother or child, the delivery will always be performed at the Women's Hospital.

When the maternity hospital is crowded,
mothers are directed to other hospitals
to ensure safe delivery

Births are not distributed evenly throughout the year. It is typical that some days at the maternity ward are much busier than others. When you go into labour and call your maternity unit, you may be advised to go to another HUS hospital, because your unit is crowded. It is unfortunate, but this is to ensure that your delivery is safe.