Support person

Having someone you know in the delivery room with you makes you feel safe. Often the other parent of the baby is the support person. However, someone else who is close to the mother-to-be can also be the support person. It is important to openly discuss in advance, whether the mother will have a support person and who this person will be. Both the mother-to-be and the support person must feel comfortable about it. It is not always possible for the spouse or any other support person to attend the delivery, but the mother is not left alone. The midwife will be there.

The role of the support person is to support and encourage the mother. The support person can make the mother more comfortable by massaging and encouraging her, holding her hand and just being there. It is recommended that the support person and the mother talk about the upcoming labour in advance and discuss their thoughts and the mother’s wishes. In this way, the mother and support person can coach themselves for the labour together. A list of things you might consider.

For the support person, being present at the delivery gives an opportunity to start bonding with the newcomer from the very first moments. If the mother cannot be in skin to skin contact with the baby immediately after birth, the support person can hold the baby close in skin to skin contact. The midwife instructs the support person in such situations. The support person may be present in an elective Cesarean section. If the circumstances allow the support person may be present at an emergency Cesarean section.
The support person should wear comfortable clothes and bring something to eat. If the support person has an infectious disease (flu, stomach bug, chicken pox, etc.), it is not possible to attend the birth.

You may take pictures of your own family and film them as much as you like. However, all staff members do not wish to be filmed or photographed. Please respect this.

Mobile phones may be used only in designated areas. In most parts of the hospital it is forbidden to use mobile phones.