Premature babies

Babies born before week 37 of pregnancy or weighing less than 2,500 g at birth are considered premature. Very premature infants weigh less than 1,500 g at birth and extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants less than 1,000 g. In international comparison, treatment results of premature babies at HUCH are good. In intensive care, even very premature infants born in week 24 may survive. 

Management of premature births
in the HUS hospitals:


  • In the entire HUS area, babies born before week 32 of pregnancy are delivered at the Women’s Hospital. 
  • Jorvi Hospital delivers babies born in week 32 and later.
  • Hyvinkää Hospital delivers babies born in week 35 and later.
  • Porvoo and Lohja Hospitals deliver babies born in week 36 and later.
  • Twins are delivered at the Jorvi hospital from week 34 on and at the Hyvinkää Hospital from week 35 on. Porvoo and Lohja Hospitals deliver twins from week 36. Twins born earlier than this are delivered at the Women’s Hospital.
If the mother needs hospital care before the birth of the baby the mother is admitted to a ward for pregnant mothers.
Each HUS maternity unit has a pediatrician on call round the clock and a neonatal ward, pediatric ward or monitoring unit where the newborn can be treated after the delivery. Extremely premature infants in need of intensive care are taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit K7 in the Women's Hospital.

Neonatal units
at HUS hospitals:


The parents are supported
in the care of their baby

It is very demanding to begin parenthood with your baby in the monitoring ward or intensive care unit. The parents are encouraged to be present and take part in the care of their baby from the very beginning. The nurses help and give advice in taking care of the baby.