Family rooms

Each of the HUS maternity units has family rooms in their maternity wards. If the father or other support person wants to be with the mother and baby throughout their hospital stay, it can be arranged if there is a family room vacant. In this way the mother and father / support person learn to know the new family member and to take care of the new baby together.

In the family room the parents take care of the baby in accordance with their own schedule. The parents are responsible for the tidiness of the room – for example, they take dirty dishes and laundry out of the room. The personnel are available round the clock for support and assistance.

In the maternity wards, meals are served in the dining room. When desired, families may have their meals in the family room. The mother and baby may wear their own clothes during the hospital stay.
Family rooms cannot be reserved in advance. If you would like to stay in a family room, please mention this in the delivery room.

When you come to the hospital to give birth, please note that there is not necessarily a family room vacant. If the maternity ward becomes crowded we may have to convert your family room into a normal double patient room in the middle of your hospital stay.

After childbirth it is important that the baby and its family have the opportunity to become well acquainted with each other and to rest. Adherence to visiting hours speeds up the mother’s recovery and gives the family the opportunity to rest in the first days after childbirth.