Midwife’s house call

For those who have been discharged within 48 hours of deliveryor (at Women's Hospital or Espoo Hospital), we offer the option of a midwife's house call. 
The aim of the house call is to support the early discharged families in coping with an infant. At the home visit, the midwife checks the condition of the mother and the baby.
At the house call, you can discuss any issues about the baby’s care and the mother’s recovery with the midwife in a calm setting. Midwife's house call is available in Finnish, English or Swedish language.  
Home visits are available in Espoo, Kauniainen, Helsinki, and Vantaa, but not in central Helsinki. Midwives travel by car, so there must be a parking space available.

The house call is booked when you are discharged from the ward, but the exact time is not determined until the routes have been planned. The mother will receive the exact time in an SMS on the morning of the house call visit. The midwives perform house calls on weekdays between 9:00 and 15:00. The house call costs the same as an outpatient clinic visit. You will receive the invoice later by post.

At the house call
• The infant's general condition is evaluated. The baby is weighed, the colour of the skin is checked with a jaundice meter, and the hearing is measured if necessary.
• Breastfeeding is assessed and advice is given if necessary. The midwife goes through the safety signs of breastfeeding and information on the baby’s secretion presented in the Baby Journey Guide to make sure the baby gets enough milk.
• The midwife will collect a blood sample for metabolic screening from the baby’s heel if the baby is 2–5 days old and parents have agreed to the sampling.
If there are any anomalies or complications, the midwife will consult a pediatrician or a gynecologist in the hospital.

The house call lasts 30 minutes. Please have pets secured in another room for the duration of the visit.

The midwife’s house call does not replace the house call made by the child health clinic (neuvola), which is more extensive and concerns the wellbeing of the entire family. The family must have a visit to the child health clinic when the baby is 7 days old at the latest. We advise that you book the child health clinic visit soon after the delivery.