Helsinki University Hospital Heart and Lung Center Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgery

In cardiac surgery, we treat cardiac illnesses that require surgery. The most common surgeries we perform include coronary artery bypass surgery, various valvular surgeries, aortic repair surgery, and TAVI procedures (a valve procedure performed with a catheter). Our patients come to us from all over Finland. Cardiac surgery is a department of the Heart and Lung Center.

Treatment of the following has been nationally centralized at the Center:
  • Corrective surgery of congenital heart defects in adults
  • Implementation of cardiac assist devices, and
  • Heart and lung transplantations. 

Our team of professionals from various fields provides each patient individual and best possible care, which enables you to recover from cardiac surgery swiftly.


New techniques replace open surgeries 

Lately, new minimally invasive techniques and treatment methods have been developed to be used instead of the traditional open-heart surgery, which requires opening the sternum and the use of a heart-lung machine. Keyhole surgeries or catheter procedures performed via the blood vessels are less straining than the traditional open-heart surgeries. Recovery is usually quicker.
Minimally invasive techniques include e.g. catheterization of an aortic stenosis via blood vessels, or keyhole surgery of certain arrhythmia procedures, and certain corrective procedures of the aorta. The procedures are often performed in cooperation with cardiologists.