Congenital heart diseases

In Finland, the early diagnostic and operational procedures required to treat congenital heart diseases are exclusively performed at the New Children's Hospital. Depending on the characteristics of the disease, performed operations, and the patient's condition, patients with adult congenital heart disease are treated and followed up at their local university or central hospital. In the HUS area, adult patients are exclusively treated at the Meilahti Hospital, where the specialist outpatient clinic for congenital heart diseases is located. The cardiologists and other care personnel specialise in the treatment and care of patients with congenital heart diseases. Currently, approximately 450 patients are in follow-up care, and the number is increasing.

During an appointment at the outpatient clinic, the patients are examined to determine their physical performance, the results of repair and catheterisation operations, the functioning of implanted pacemakers, and to detect any signs of heart failure or possible arrhythmia. The outpatient clinic refers patients to re-examinations and operations, if necessary. HUS is the national centre of diagnostics and repeat operations for patients with severe congenital heart disease. For example, all patients with cor triloculare biatriatum are exclusively monitored at HUS. Repeat operations and demanding catheterisations are exclusively performed at HUS. Treatment decisions are made in collaboration with a specialist heart surgeon, and the specialists of the New Children's Hospital are consulted if necessary.