Hand surgery

Hand surgery refers to the examination and treatment of various diseases and injuries of the hand or upper extremity that require surgical care. Conditions include problems caused by excessive stress, arthrosis, entrapped nerves, arthritis, tendinitis, wounds and fractures of the hand, and partial or complete traumatic amputations of extremities and the post-traumatic sequelae.

Hand surgeons collaborate with paediatric surgeons (congenital hand abnormalities), rheumatologists (surgical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis), plastic surgeons, and orthopaedic surgeons.

The most common procedures include surgical release of entrapped nerves and fracture surgery. The most demanding procedures include surgical attachment of detached extremities or parts of extremities, and treatment of severe nerve injuries.

Emergency operations typically include fractured wrists and tendon injuries caused by trauma.

Hand surgery in the HUS area

In the HUS area, hand surgery is performed at Töölö, Peijas, Herttoniemi, and Hyvinkää hospitals and the Children's Hospital. Procedures are typically day surgery operations.

The more demanding procedures and operations on patients in poor condition are exclusively performed at Töölö Hospital, where all emergency hand surgery is also performed.

Paediatric hand surgery, such as corrective surgery of congenital malformations, is performed at the Children's Hospital.


 Clinical units


Herttoniemi Hospital:
Surgical unit

Peijas Hospital:
Surgery Outpatient Clinic 
Ambulatory Surgery Unit

Töölö Hospital:

Surgery Outpatient Clinic
Ward 5

Hyvinkää Hospital:
Surgery Outpatient Clinic 
Ambulatory Surgery Unit