Emergency medicine

akuuttilaaketiede.jpgEmergency medicine attends to the acutely ill patients of all ages suffering from injuries or acute illnesses. 
Emergency medicine is the newest speciality in Finland and, at HUCH, physicians receive training in this at the Jorvi Hospital in Espoo. Training was launched in March 2013.
The principles of emergency medicine include versatile skills in the diagnostics of emergency patients, initial treatment and identification of patients requiring the skills of other specialities. Emergency medicine introduces a new kind of flexibility to the operations. In the future, the aim is to run the emergency department mainly with physicians specialised in emergency medicine. 
Jorvi emergency department renewed with the help of emergency medicine
A new kind of emergency department operating model was introduced at Jorvi in November 2013. Thanks to this, operations have become more efficient although the number of patient visits has concurrently risen.
To guarantee a consistent and uniform quality of care, the physician and nurse resources have been divided in a new, patient-oriented manner in the emergency medicine model. 
The new emergency model aims to facilitate patient flow, reduce overlapping work in general medicine and specialised medical care and improve the quality of care and equality of care received by the patients.