Saku Sinkkonen, MD, PhD, Docent

Professional title: SpecialistPotretti_Saku_Sinkkonen.jpg
Education: MD 2001, MD PhD 2004, Specialist in ORL-HNS 2011, Docent degree

2014, Diploma in Otology-Neurotology 2015, all at the Univ. of Helsinki 
Clinical interests: Otology, neurotology 
Areas of publications: Otology, inner ear regeneration, Eustachian tube balloon dilation, middle ear prosthesis, tumors of the temporal bone
Fellowships and visits: Visiting Instructor at the Stanford Medical School (CA, USA) 2009-2010
Memberships: The Finnish Otosurgical Society (Secretary)
Supervision of ongoing Phd theses: Veera Luukkainen (co-supervision with Prof. Jussi Jero), Eustachian tube balloon dilation; technique, outcome, indications. Juha Laakso, The impact of otosurgical interventions on quality of life. Oskari Lindfors, Pressure equalization problems in flight and diving. Heidi Oehlandt (co-supervision with Prof. Jussi Jero), Eustachian tube dysfuntion - diagnostics and treatment. Maria Jauhiainen (co-supervision with Prof. Antti Mäkitie), Viral etiology of head and neck neoplasms.

Publications: PubMed search term Sinkkonen ST