Ahmed Geneid, MD, PhD

Professional title: Head Physician of Phoniatrics Department
Education: MD 2002, MD PhD 2013, Specialist in Phoniatrics 2007 (Egypt) and 2011 (Finland), Specialist in ORL-HNS 2017, Docent in 2018
Clinical interests: Voice disorders, phonosurgery and laryngology, speech and swallowing disorders
Areas of publications: Voice disorders, Phonosurgery and laryngology, acoustics, speech and swallowing disorders
Fellowships and visits: Post-doctoral research at the Karolinska Institute 2015-2016
Memberships: Union of European Phoniatricians (President), Finnish Laryngological Society (Founding member), European Laryngological Society, Finnish Society of Phoniatrics, European Academy of Phoniatrics (Founding member)
Supervision of ongoing Phd theses: Co-supervisor of thesis on Laryngeal hypersensitivity, Helsinki University, by Maaria Ansaranta, MD. Co-supervisor of thesis on The structure of the vocal tract and its functional relation to the acoustics of voice, Oulu University, by Mari Leppävuori, FT.