Pulmonary and esophageal surgery

Department of General Thoracic and Esophageal Surgery at HUS Heart and Lung Center is a leading national center and developer. Patients with surgically or endoscopically treatable benign or malignant diseases of the lungs, esophagus, trachea, mediastinum, or chest wall are treated at the department.

Instead of traditional open surgery, an increasing number of surgical procedures are nowadays performed by using minimally invasive surgical techniques. This enables faster postoperative recovery, less pain after surgery, and shorter sick leave.
The clinical results at our department are excellent and our scientific results have been published in highly rated international medical journals (more than 200 international publications in the field).

Our excellent clinical results are due to, among others, the following factors:
  • A long experience and the widest range and number of challenging intrathoracic procedures
  • The first department in Finland to introduce video-assisted thoracic surgery and robot-assisted surgery in lung and esophageal diseases

Procedures performed at the department in 2014

  • 1,150 operations
  • 815 endoscopic procedures of lung and esophagus