Breast surgery

​A surgical subsection, breast surgery includes:

  • surgical treatment of breast cancer and other breast tumours
  • plastic and reconstructive breast surgery
  • surgical treatment of infections  and inflammatory conditions  of the breast.

Breast surgery in the HUS area

In the HUS area, the surgical treatment of patients diagnosed with breast cancer is mainly performed at the Breast Surgery Unit, which is the largest breast surgery unit in the Nordic countries. The unit is located in the Women's Hospital and over 1,000 new breast cancer case are operated on each year. Benign tumours, infections and  inflammatory conditions of the breast are also treated at the unit. Women who are carriers of  gene mutations  increasing the risk of breast cancer are also treated at the Breast Surgery Unit.

Within the HUS area, breast cancer, benign tumours and inflammatory changes to the breast are also surgically treated at Hyvinkää hospital.

Department of Oncology plans and provides adjuvant therapy for breast cancer, provides follow-up care and is responsible for the treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Reconstructive breast surgery

The Breast Surgery Unit operates in close collaboration with the Department of Plastic Surgery to treat patients who need breast surgery. Immediate and delayed breast reconstructions are performed at the facilities of Department of Plastic Surgery in Töölö and Jorvi hospitals. Other surgical operations performed at these hospitals include operating on locally recurring breast cancers requiring flap reconstruction , breast reductions and corrective breast surgeries in patients with developmental disorders such as severe asymmetry, for example.

Immediate and delayed breast reconstructions and breast reduction surgeries are also performed at Hyvinkää Hospital.


 Clinical Units


Surgical Hospital:
HUCH Breast Surgery Unit  

Jorvi Hospital
Ward K3

Töölö Hospital
Ward 3

Hyvinkää Hospital:
Surgical Ward 
Surgery Outpatient Clinic