Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

​Anesthesiology and intensive care is a medical field comprising the following:

  1. Anesthesia. Includes general and local anesthesia of surgical patients (and perioperative care) and the pre- and post-operative examinations and care. General anesthesia and pain relief outside the operation theatre (labour pains, for example) also belong to this category.
  2. Intensive care includes maintaining the vital functions of critically ill patients and care provided in an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) or HDU (High Dependency Unit). Operations typically involve some level of collaboration between specialists from different fields, including internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery and neurology.
  3. Pain management refers to the relief of both acute and chronic pain. Acute pain management is offered after a patient has undergone surgery, for example. Cancer pain is an example of chronic pain. In addition to anesthesiologists, our interdisciplinary pain clinic employs a neurologist, a psychiatrist and a psychologist.
  4. Prehospital emergency care comprises any care given before being admitted to a hospital, including CPR. Participating in disaster preparedness and planning is part of prehospital emergency care.