Teratology Information Service

​Pharmaceuticals and pregnancy

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 12:00pm

09 4717 6500 (normal price)

Teratogens are external agents which can have a harmful effect on fertility or the developing foetus. Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial chemicals, infections and radiation are examples of teratogens.

The Teratology Information Service provides information on teratogens and answers questions regarding exposure during breastfeeding. It offers its services to mothers and fathers who are planning pregnancy or are already expecting, and to health care professionals, pharmacies, authorities and the media.

The Service is not involved in the care of mothers, pregnancy or babies, nor does it prescribe drugs. When the Teratology Information Service is closed, contact your prenatal clinic or maternity outpatient clinic.

Exposure to harmful substances at work and the related risks are issues that are best answered by your occupational health care provider.