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Poisonous and non-toxic plants to humans are listed in alphabetical order. Plant species and genera are listed depending on whether all species of a genus are poisonous or only some. The list is not comprehensive. More plants are added to the list as experience is accumulated.

List of the plants is divided into these groups:

  • Non-toxic plants include plants which, according to experience, are not toxic to people.
  • Poisonous plants are divided into three groups:
      • plants causing topical irritation
      • poisonous plants which only on rare occasion cause symptoms when small amounts have been ingested
      • plants which may cause severe poisoning even when only small amounts have been ingested

Explanation of symbols marked after the plant:
[F] = phytophotodermatitis (sensitivity to chemicals causing skin reactions triggered by light)
[K] = non-toxic in moderate amounts or when properly prepared ​

The Finnish Poison Information Centre doesn’t provide plant recognition services.